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Trail Obstacle Clinics TF & T1

Develop precise control of your horse by working through trail obstacles in an arena setting. Learn how to use maneuvers like turning on the forehand, turning on the haunches, side passing, backing, and backing circles for opening gates, or negotiating walk/back through. Get your horse used to walking over bridges, tarps, and water. Desensitize your horse to “spooky” obstacles.

TF clinics focus primarily on introducing obstacles via groundwork.
Leading a horse with eye contact over an obstacle, communication and trust between trainer and horse
Gentle leading over a ditch
helping overcome any obstacle, with understanding, horse approaching an obstacle

Trail through a ditch, over a stream, building trust between horse and rider

T2 clinics progress into riding over the obstacles.

Horse riding around a barrel
Horse riding over a large bridge
Horse riding over a small bridge


Mountain Magic Ranch stresses: Safety, Balance, Communication and Unity.
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