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Symmetry Secure Seat (SSS) Techniques for Gaited and Non-Gaited Horses

Symmetry Secure Seat (SSS) = Rider Balance, controlled relaxation and body awareness. This is our own application of the principles that Sally Swift shared in her books Centered Riding and Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration.

SSS is included in all clinics.

Horsemanship and Guidance develop a willing partnership

Key Benefits
of Clinics

  • Create true respect and willingness in your horse
  • Communicate your intentions through the feel you present
  • Improve your position and balance, stop getting in your horse’s way
  • Synergistic benefit of improving yourself and your horse
  • More individual attention in smaller classes

Joe teaches exercises that develop the ability to communicate your intentions through the feel you present, you create true respect and willingness in your horse. Using the reins softly
Kim, became a Centered Riding® instructor in 1998 and received her Centered Riding® Level Two certificate in 2002. She teaches how your seat and balance affect your horse. She observes each rider and uses her knowledge of position and balance to help you ride with your horse, allowing it to perform to its fullest potential.
This combination gives you the synergistic benefit of improving yourself and your horse. Plus you get more individual attention by having smaller class sizes.
True horsemanship breeds harmony when crossing a stream We are taking a limited number at each clinic so we can focus our attention on every horse and rider team. Your payment reserves your space.


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Mountain Magic Ranch stresses: Safety, Balance, Communication and Unity.
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