Leather Care Shop LLC

Leather art.
Custom made leather tack.
Leather repair and restoration.
Saddle/tack cleaning and conditioning.
Hand made 100% natural Navajo Churro wool saddle pads.

Leather Art

Ram's head in leather relief

Leather Relief
hand carved and painted
made from a single piece of leather

Horse head carved in leather                   horse head carved in leather

Custom Hand Made Tack

Tooled Chinks              Chinks                Close Up of Tooling on Chinks             phone pocket on chinks

Breast Collar
Breast Collar

Draft Horse Halter Draft Horse Halter Tooling on Halter

Bridle and Slobber Straps

Saddle Repair and Restoration

Saddle Seat

The seat of this saddle was very uncomfortable.

The seat cover was removed, ground seat rebuilt, and seat cover replaced.

Now the saddle is much more comfortable.

Rose Pattern Saddle

damaged saddle  damaged saddle

  rose saddle 

I loved working on this saddle. I really like the rose tooling. The history: This was hand crafted for the Sears and Roebuck Co. catalog by the Utahn Saddle Company in Vernal Utah. The Utahn name came about because the saddle maker wanted the name of his state as part of his company's name, but Utah doesn't allow the state to be in company names, so he put an "n" at the end.

The Saddle was completely tooled but not completely dyed under the foam seat that ripped apart. I think it was an after-thought on the part of the client to put a foam covered seat on top of the already tooled saddle seat. So the saddle maker only stained to the foam cover, leaving a partial undyed tooling and undyed seat. I was so excited when the dye matched and enhanced the saddle seat. Prayers answered!

The rose tooled saddle was probably a ladies saddle. It was very well cared for and in excellent condition to be a good using saddle today.

Buck Stiener saddle

Buck Stiener saddle 1    Buck Stiener saddle 2

Before                                      After

Buck Stiener saddle 3

I had the pleasure of restoring this 1920's 'Buck' Stiener saddle. It has been in the clients family now for three generations. It is fully tooled and built well. I enjoyed working on this saddle. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of history.

Saddle Cleaning

Dirty Saddle  Clean Saddle
                    Before                                                                  After  

Hand Made Wool Pads

Saddle Pad on Stand
All Natural 100% Navajo Curro Wool

wool pad on horse      saddle pad on horse

saddled horse with wool pad  Horse Saddled With Wool Pad
Horses really like these pads!
had made wool saddle pad

Custom Leather Case

custom leather case  top of leather case

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